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Indications conveying that you must consider Orthodontics Treatment for your child

4 Signs Your Kid's Need Orthodontics Treatment | El Paso

Whenever kids' complain about their dental issues, parents usually take them to their family dentist or a pediatric dentist. It never crosses their mind that their kids may need the help of an experienced orthodontist. The parents need to know when to take their kids for orthodontic treatment. Dr. Jim Bowden is a renowned pediatric dentist at Jim Bowden DDS clinic.

He offers the best different categories of orthodontics treatment in El Paso to kids of all ages. Consult him when worried about your child's dental issues and learn more about the signs you should look out for if your kid needs an orthodontics treatment in El Paso.

4 Signs That Your Kid Needs Orthodontics Treatment in El Paso:

Here is a guide to signs that parents must look out for if their kid needs orthodontics treatment.

  1. If Your Kid is 7-Years Old:

    If your kid has turned seven, it means that he or she is undergoing tooth development, losing baby teeth replaced by permanent ones. It is the most crucial dental stage. The parents should take their kids to an orthodontist or kid's dentist in El Paso and identify if teeth development is taking place correctly. Early issues like crowding or jaw alignment are spotted and fixed quickly at this age.

  2. Overlapping or Gapping in Teeth:

    Pediatric dentist in El Paso also focuses on extremely spaced out or crowded teeth. If these problems are noticed early on, the orthodontists can take proactive steps and prevent dental issues like a crowded mouth with harder to clean teeth leading to dental decay.

  3. Irregular Bite:

    If the kid has bite issues like underbite, overbite, or other irregularities in bite, it is important to take them to orthodontics in El Paso, immediately and get the misalignment issues sorted. Failing to treat misalignment can result in jaw pain, tooth decay, trouble closing and opening mouth, severe headaches, pain while chewing food, trouble sleeping, and speaking.

  4. Mouth Breathing:

    If the kid breathes from his mouth, it can be an orthodontics issue. In this type of breathing, air passes directly into the lungs instead of the nose. Mouth breathing can result in chronic ear infections, irregular facial growth, upper airway infections, sleep disturbances, deformed jawbones, etc. Visiting a child dentist in El Paso can prevent this issue.


These are some of the most common signs which indicate that your kid needs a visit to orthodontics in El Paso and get treated. Schedule an appointment with Jim Bowden D.D.S. who is the best El Paso pediatric dentist. Visit the website of the clinic for further information regarding services offered, patient testimonials and to access dental patient education materials. For more information call us at (915) 600-6053 and schedule an appointment today.

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