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The Significance of Early Orthodontic Assessment for a Child

Importance of Early Orthodontic Treatment | El Paso, TX

Have you spent a moment pondering about your kid’s oral well-being? The orthodontics in El Paso, TX says that you must take your child to the orthodontist as early as the age of seven. There are many reasons why taking your child to the dentist is essential. Dr. Jim Bowden, an experienced orthodontist in El Paso also says that by the age of seven your children must have their oral health conditions examined by an orthodontics near you in El Paso.

Who Is an Orthodontist?

Unlike general dentists, orthodontists are specialty dentists who focus on teeth straightening, misalignment and bad bites. Usually, Orthodontics in El Paso specializes in these functions and is experts when it comes to the treatment of these issues.

When Do I Visit an Orthodontics in El Paso?

Some problems that an orthodontist can treat with regard to a child include:

  • Bad bites, underbites and crossbites.
  • Misalignment of teeth and jaw.
  • Crowded teeth.
  • Missing teeth.
  • Improper spacing of teeth.
  • Excessively spaced teeth.

If any of these issues are left unchecked or are not attended to by a practitioner of pediatric dentistry during initial stages, they can grow into seemingly larger problems. This will put a heavy toll on you financially as well.

For Diagnosis in Advance:

However, you can avoid all this if you get your child's orthodontic screening done as early as possible. Our Kid’s Dentist in El Paso will analyze your child's oral conditions. With early screening, Jim Bowden D.D.S will predict any dental problems that can likely arise and will assist you with the solutions.

In most of the cases, Orthodontics in El Paso can identify the problem and also give you an honest estimate of finance that you need to take good care of your child's oral health. They also work on issues that are concerned with the structure and spacing of the teeth. Since they are important to be corrected at an early age, if not they can change the overall structure of your teeth in some cases and can even cause inflammation or tooth decay.

Dental Issues Requiring Prompt Attention:

While on the other hand there are various matters that need prompt attention of the orthodontics in El Paso. Problems like bad bites, difficulty in chewing, cheek-biting, speech problems require the immediate attention of a dentist, and they must be attended before the age of seven. The orthodontists will provide apt treatment and free your child from pain.


Want to take your child for the first orthodontic screening? Visit our Orthodontics in El Paso or call us at (915) 600-6053 and schedule an appointment today.

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