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Early Orthodontic Treatments and Its Necessity

Early Orthodontic Treatments and Its Necessity | El Paso, TX

As a parent you might understand the importance of Orthodontics for your kid. You might be aware that orthodontic treatment is necessary to ensure that your kid doesn't grow up with oral health issues or cosmetic concerns due to wrong alignment of teeth. In our previous blog, we have explained how long does orthodontics treatment takes in El Paso? However, this is phase II of the treatment. Prior to that, phase I of orthodontic treatment by Dr. Jim Bowden is required. Let's discover what that is.

Phase I of Orthodontics Treatment in El Paso:

Well, phase I of orthodontic treatment is the early treatment for children. This is to ensure that the permanent teeth come out properly. Depending on the issue the child is facing, there is different orthodontics in El Paso available. Early orthodontic treatment ensures that alignment of the permanent teeth is right and improper growth is prevented.

Common Ways of Early Orthodontics Treatment in El Paso:

Some of the most common ways of early orthodontic treatment is wearing partial braces, palatal expander or a retainer. The main goal of pediatric dentistry here is to address the skeletal issues with the alignment and jaw prior to and post the emergence of primary teeth.

5 Amazing Advantages of Early Orthodontic Treatment in El Paso:

  1. Early Identification of the Issue is Always Good:

    The pediatric dentist in El Paso will be able to notice any potential issues or any possible serious problems in the development of the jaw. Catching the issue early on can save your kid from undergoing any sort of surgery later on.

  2. Early Orthodontics in El Paso Can Also Help Your Kid in Flawless Speaking:

    Often, kids have problems with speaking just because of issues with their primary teeth. Slurring, lisping, mispronouncing alphabets like T and S are common impairments which can be cured by orthodontics in El Paso. When the jaw is still developing, correcting the fault right at the root is the only solution.

  3. Improve Confidence:

    With crooked and gapped teeth, a child’s self-esteem can be at stake and can affect them negatively. Pediatric dentistry can treat it at an early stage with the help of traditional braces. An orthodontist can help your kid improve smile and thus gain confidence.

  4. With This Early Treatment You Can Prevent Tooth Decay for Your Kid:

    With correct alignment of teeth, your child's brush can reach to every corner of the mouth and can brush and floss easily. Make sure you take your kids to the pediatrician before the age of seven to ensure that they do not end up with tooth decay. Also, early orthodontics treatment in El Paso will also help in maintaining oral hygiene.

  5. Prevent Grinding:

    Your kid can suffer from grinding of teeth due to misalignment of teeth. With the help of elastics and braces through early treatment it can be prevented.


If you are looking for orthodontics in El Paso and searching for a reliable pediatrician to correct your child's orthodontic issues, consider Dr. Jim Bowden D.D.S. Browse through our website of Dr. Jim Bowden D.D.S to gather more information about the services available. For more call us at 915-600-6053 for a conversation right away.

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